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ChronoX 2
More Precise, Simple, Fully Automated...

ChronoX is a benchmark tool that measures
the elapsed time of Final Cut Pro exports
in a precise and fully automated way.

What's new in version 2.1.0:
- Redesigned User Interface
- Enhanced File Format Support
- Improved Time Precision
- New Event Log
- Enhanced Reporting Features

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benchmark Final Cut Pro

ChronoX Highlights

We believe the best recipe to make something great, is to bake with quality ingredients and add dollops of cool stuff

Automatic Stopwatch

No more handheld timer to stop!

Fully automated

Runs on every project with just one click!

Repeat Export

Automatically Exports up to 3 times and calculates the average duration

Detailed Report

Report file in CSV format with useful information about the export settings and system info.

Export Format

Support for Mastering, Publishing and Broadcast File Format in Final Cut Pro

Free Standard License

The Standard version provides essential features for measuring Final Cut Pro export elapsed time.
Why it came to be...

How to time and benchmark Final Cut Pro export


ChronoX measures the elapsed time of Final Cut Pro exports in a precise and fully automated way. No more handheld timer to stop.

ChronoX employs an exclusive algorithm to pinpoint the exact instance when Final Cut Pro initiates the export process until its completion, enabling accurate calculation of elapsed time in seconds.

ChronoX main features:
  • Elapsed export time is measured in hundredths of seconds.
  • Detailed report in CSV format.
  • Support for Mastering File Format:
    • Video and Audio (ProRes, H.264, Uncompressed 8/10-bit)
    • Video Only (ProRes, H.264, Uncompressed 8/10-bit)
    • Audio Only (AAC, AC3, AIFF, CAF, MP3, WAV)
  • Support for Publishing File Format:
    • Apple Devices (H.264, HEVC)
    • Computer (H.264)
    • Web Hosting (H.264)
  • Support for Broadcast File Format:
    • MXF (ProRes, Uncompressed 8/10-bit, AVC-Intra, DV, DVC PRO, D-10 /IMX, HDV, XDCAM)
  • Fully automated repeat test (3x)
  • Fully Apple certified and notarized.
  • Ability to self-check, download & install updates.
  • macOS version 10.10 or later.
  • Supported for 64-bit Intel-based Mac or Apple Silicon-based Mac.

ChronoX User Manual...

Release notes for the latest version

Features Standard Professional
Measure elapsed time to the hundredths of a second βœ… βœ…
Log report in CSV file - βœ…
Fully automated repeat export (3X) - βœ…
Insert a note for each export - βœ…
Event Log - βœ…


YouTube video
YouTube video
  • Barefeats.com, "If you like to measure how long your FCPX encode takes without using a stopwatch,.."
Precision timing, detailed reports, optimized workflow

ChronoX Professional

The Professional version of ChronoX offers advanced features tailored for power users and professionals seeking unparalleled precision and efficiency in Final Cut Pro export timing. With capabilities such as repeat export functionality, detailed CSV reporting, and user notes recording, ChronoX Professional empowers users to optimize their workflow, analyze export performance comprehensively, and make informed decisions with confidence.

Repeat Export

ChronoX Professional allows users to conduct up to 3 exports in one click, then calculates the average export time and saves the results in the log report, ideal for comparing export times or testing different settings.

User Notes Recording

ChronoX Professional allows users to keep records of user notes for each export in the report file. This feature enables users to add contextual information or annotations to their export data, facilitating better organization and analysis.

Detailed Progress

Monitor the exporting process by Final Cut Pro and the repeat export set in the options directly from the progress window.

Detailed Report in CSV Format

The Professional version provides a comprehensive report in CSV format, offering deeper insights into export performance. This detailed report can be useful for analysis, documentation, and optimization of export processes.

The report contains the following types of information:

Final Cut Pro Project Info:
  • Date
  • Project Name
  • Video Codec
  • Start and End Export Times
  • Export Duration
Final Cut Pro Preference Settings:
  • Selected GPU
  • Auto Background Render Status
  • Final Cut Pro Version
  • Export Folder
System Info:
  • Mac Model
  • CPU Name
  • CPU Speed
  • CPU Number
  • CPU Cores
  • CPU L3 Cache
  • RAM
  • macOS Version
  • ChronoX Version

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Free updates for all licensed customers of ChronoX 2.x.x
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