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evrX 2
Fast, Simple, Powerful...

evrX 2 makes camera metadata into macOS Finder Tags
allowing you to import metadata in Final Cut Pro

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evrX 2 Highlights

We believe the best recipe to make something great, is to bake with quality ingredients and add dollops of cool stuff

Crazy Fast

Performance is not just an afterthought, we baked it in from the start!

Awesome Technology

evrX employs best-in-class technologies ExifTool and MediaInfo

Build for your need

From the ground up, with custom code, evrX is extremely functional


Drag and drop folders or files
Why it came to be...

How to import metadata into Final Cut Pro


evrX 2 is an utility that makes camera metadata such as ISO, Aperture, Shutter, Lens Type, Gamma, Color Space, Focal Point, etc., into macOS Finder Tags, giving you the ability to import Finder Tags as Keyword in Final Cut Pro and to search and organize your media by Keyword Collection or Smart Collection

evrX 2 main features:
  • Full support for Apple Silicon Macs (Universal Apps).
  • Support for Unicode symbols and special characters.
  • Make camera metadata into Finder Tags.
  • Bult-in ExifTool and Media Info.
  • Fully Apple certified and notarized.
  • Ability to self-check, download & install updates.
  • Camera support depends on the type of license purchased.

Release notes for the latest version

Standard License
Supported camera: Panasonic, Nikon, Sony Alpha, Fujifilm, Canon

Professional License
Supported camera: Panasonic, Nikon, Sony Alpha, Fujifilm, Canon, Sony XDCAM, Z Cam, Kinefinity, Atomos (Ninja & Inferno), McPRO24fps, GoPro, Apple iPhone, FiLMIC Pro

evrX 2 Instruction Manual...

Try before you Buy

Try the demo version before buying it!
evrX Demo download demo
In try-out mode it will run with the Professional license and processes only one file.

Licenses for sale on GumroadGumroad

evrX 2 Standard license €29.99
evrX 2 Professional license €39.99

Free updates for all licensed customers of evrX 2.x.x
for more info contact us at contact[et]evrapp.cloud