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Metadata-centric applications for videomakers


evrDVR, evrX and evrExpanse are Metadata-centric apps for videomaker. They allow you to use
metadata along the video production workflow from shooting, to transcoding, to editing and color grading.

ChronoX is designed for benchmarking Final Cut Pro export performance.

evrExpanse 4 evrX 2 evrDVR 2 ChronoX 2

Attention evrDVR and evrX users! We have exciting news for you. While evrDVR 2 and evrX 2 will no longer receive further development, we have a remarkable solution waiting for you.

Introducing evrExpanse 4, our cutting-edge software that not only encompasses all the features of evrDVR 2 and evrX 2 but also introduces enhancements that will take your video production to new heights. With evrExpanse 4, you'll enjoy a more streamlined and elegant way to import media and metadata.