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Metadata-centric applications for videomakers

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Your ultimate solution for advanced video metadata workflow. From DaVinci Resolve to Final Cut Pro and beyond, we offer premier support for offloading, transcoding, editing, and color grading. Trusted by videographers worldwide.


evrExpanse, designed for videographers, seamlessly integrates metadata into every stage of the video production workflow, from shooting to transcoding, editing, and color grading. With strong support for offloading, transcoding, and exporting metadata, it ensures compatibility with top Non-Linear Editing systems such as Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Assimilate SCRATCH, and others.


Note: This release seamlessly integrates the features of legacy evrDVR and evrX, offering enhanced functionality for users interested in importing metadata to DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro.


ChronoX is a specialized tool meticulously crafted to precisely measure and analyze export performance within Final Cut Pro. It provides users with detailed insights into export times, allowing for thorough benchmarking and optimization of Final Cut Pro workflows.