ChronoX Instruction Manual 1.4.1 - updated February 22nd 2022

Installation and settings

How to Install

Open the DMG package and drag and drop to the Applications folder.

On the first run a pop up window will show up asking for a license code to activate.

On the first run also, if not yet done, it’s required to install Python 3.
A message will be displayed with a button to download the installation package if the application detects that is not present on your system.

On first launch, you need to grant accessibility permission to the application to perform actions on Final Cut Pro.

Make sure the ChronoX checkbox is checked.

Important note: when updating to a new version of ChronoX, Accessibility permission has to be setup again by removing the existing ChronoX from the list and adding again.

Final Cut Pro settings

Check if Master File is the default destination. Go to Final Cut Pro > Preferences > Destinations, Master File has to be the default destinations. In Master File settings check that “Open with” option has to be set up to QuickTime (default). The others setting in the same panel are optional and you can change at your taste (Format, Video codec). These are the main prerequisite for ChronoX to work properly. If the master file is not set as default and Open With is not set to QuickTime Player, ChronoX will not be able to complete its tasks and will have to be closed manually. ChronoX has no way of checking these two FCPX configuration settings, so please pay close attention and make sure it’s configured accordingly.

After a fresh Final Cut Pro installation or when trashing the preferences (open Final Cut with CMD+OPTION) it's required to set the share location:

Go to File > Share > Master File click Next, select a folder and click Cancel. Then click Cancel to exit Master File window.

How to uninstall

Delete (Move to Trash) the /Applications/

How to use

In Final Cut Pro X, open the project to export in the Timeline and then open ChronoX. ChronoX will ask for an optional note you might want to add to the log file. Click Continue button to proceed.

ChronoX then will ask how many repeated export you want to run (up to 3). After clicking OK button, ChronoX will run the export automatically so do not touch Mouse and Keyboard until ChronoX will finish.

IMPORTANT: After clicking OK button DO NOT TOUCH MOUSE and KEYBOARD until ChronoX finish to run all the export!

For any completed exports a pop up window will come up with the export duration. No action is required as this pop up window has a time out of 5 seconds. Then the automated procedure will continue to run.

At the end of the last export a pop-up window will appear informing that the automated procedure is completed.

Then by clicking Open folder button ChronoX will open the folder /Documents/ ChronoX with the log report with the name log_ChronoX_x.x.x_YYYY_MM_DD.csv

A log report file in CSV format is created on daily basis in /Documents/ChronoX with data of each export.

log report naming: log_ChronoX_x.x.x_YYYY_MM_DD.csv (x.x.x = ChronoX version number)

Supported Master File configuration

Supported Master File configuration in Final Cut Pro