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Exif Video Resolved for DaVinci Resolve is a utility that allows you to import camera EXIF metadata such as ISO, Aperture, Shutter, Lens Type, Gamma, Color Space, Focal Point, etc. to DaVinci Resolve, giving you the ability to see a lot more metadata info in your Media Pool with just a few click.

Metadata compatibility

NEW evrDVR 2 is now a single utility (version 2) that can handle multiple cameras. evrDVR supports Panasonic, Nikon, Sony Alpha, Fujifilm, Canon in one instance. Plus, evrDVR 2 Pro can handle more cameras such as Sony XDCAM, Z Cam, Kinefinity and Atomos devices. See the description and dwnload the demo!

  • Just one click to create a CSV file for DaVinci Resolve.
  • Extract metadata from any folder and sub-folders.
  • Fast and easy!
  • Windows and macOS version.

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Minimum requirements:
macOS 10.10 or later and DaVinci Resolve 15


As you probably know, not only most of the EXIF tags written by any camera differ from camera to camera but also camera tags differ from DaVinci Resolve tags, making it impossible to match them when importing metadata to DaVinci Resolve.
Exif Video Resolved for DaVinci Resolve make it possible to extract metadata, giving you a CSV file formatted with the required tags. Just select any folder from your OS application (Finder or Explorer) and run the extraction & conversion and the utility will create a CSV file with tags that can be imported.
Now evrDVR Pro can import macOS Finder Tag (colors included) to the Keywords and the Flags Metadata section in DaVinci Resolve.

About evrDVR versions:
evrDr was the first version of the utility and it was installed as a service in macOS and as an executable in Windows. evrDVR has been upgraded to version 2 and could handle more than one camera at a time in a single utility.
The macOS and the Windows version are updated with the latest developments and they have both the same functionalities.
evrDVR 2 for macOS is certified and notarized for macOS Catalina onwards and it runs as a normal standalone application capable of checking for new updates, downloading and installing them automatically.

evrDVR Instruction Manual v.2.0

Functionality/Supported Camera
evrDVR 2
evrDVR 2 Pro
Sony Alpha

Z Cam



 Finder Tag to Keywords


 Finder Color Tag to Flags


For more information on supported camera models, please refer to the compatibility page, bearing in mind that other models may be supported even if not yet tested. Download the demo version of evrDVR and try it for yourself.
If you have any suggestions, please write to contact@evrapp.cloud and let us know!


evrDVR 2

NewevrDVR 2 Pro


Try out the demo before you buy it!
Right-click the link then select for "Save links As" (Firefox/Chrome), or "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer IE)
evrDVR Demo*         | macOS | Windows |
evrDVR Pro Demo*  | macOS | Windows |
*The demo version will only process one file each time the app is launched.

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evrDVR 2 - macOS €29,99
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evrDVR Pro 2 - macOS €39,99 
evrDVR Pro 2 - Windows €39,99

Free updates for all licensed customers of evrDVR v2.x and  evrDVR Pro v2.x

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Email: contact@evrapp.cloud