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   Installation and how to use


     Installing Plug-in

     Uninstalling Plug-in

     How to use on Mac

   How to import Finder tags in Final Cut Pro X

Installation and how to use


In order for the plug-in to work, ExifTool has been required to be installed. Please go to ExifTool

website: and install the last version of the

MacOS Package available.


Installing Plug-in


1.     Open the DMG package and drag and drop evrX CameraBrand folder

     to Applications folder.

2.     To install the app, just double click on the workflow file on the bottom right and click install.


Uninstalling Plug-in


1.     Delete (Move to Trash) the /Applications/evrX CameraBrand folder.

2.     In /Users/username/Library/Services/

     delete the file evrX - Tag CameraBrand files with Exif data.workflow

How to use

Be aware:
In version 1.1 the plug-in reads EXIF data from each media file (only MP4 or/and MOV) and replace all existing Finder Tags in each media file with those found in the media file. So if your media files already have Finder Tags, those will be deleted.

Starting from version 1.2 a new functionality has been added that appends EXIF data tags to previous existing Finder tags. If the plug-in detects that a media file has been already processed, it will skip it in order to avoid any tag duplication.

1.     In Finder, select any folder containing .mp4 or .mov files

     then right-click Services>evrX - Tag CameraBrand files with Exif data


When the app finish to run a message will appear the number of MOV and MP4 processed.

Then if you open any files processed it will show you the tag added.

Starting from version 1.2, If you want to re-process media file in folder, just delete all the EXIF tags added by EVR X and run the service
evrX - Tag CameraBrand files with Exif data

How to import Finder tags in Final Cut Pro X

1.     Before to import any media in FCPX, make sure that in Preferences>Import> Keywords:

Finder tags is checked.


2.   Open a Libray, create new event and import the media. When importing has been finished

you'll see a Keyword Collection with the Finder tags belonging to each media files.

4.     Then you can search and organize your media by Keyword Collection or Smart Collection.